Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Therapy?

Yoga has been shown to be beneficial for a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, and trauma. It also develops focus, patience, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and mood regulation. Included in yoga practice are physical postures, breathing exercises, and various meditation techniques.


Exploring Oneself Through Mental And Emotional Ways

Psychotherapy is traditionally thought of as exploring oneself through mental and emotional ways. By combining it with body and breath awareness, you can expedite progress because thoughts and emotions are intertwined with the body. For example, when we experience traumatic events our system will try to compartmentalize the emotional and physiological reactions from the mental reactions in order to survive the event. Afterward, we sometimes cannot consciously remember what happened but have a strong emotional or body memory, or vice versa, or simply feel numb. Yoga therapy can help to access the compartmentalized or dissociated memories to move toward healing integration.

Integrating Yoga Into Psychotherapy Treatment

Each therapist works in different ways to integrate yoga into psychotherapy treatment. It can be showing you a few postures or breathing practices to target therapy goals, to longer practices. Yoga can be practiced at the beginning, middle or end of sessions to help in trauma healing. Trauma-sensitive therapists who integrate yoga know to go slowly and help you be in tune with the process in a safe way.

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Trauma-sensitive therapists who integrate yoga know to go slowly and help you be in tune with the process in a safe way.

Yoga strengthens the nervous system and takes you from an activated state to a calmer state. Regular practice results in a stronger connection to yourself and unification of the self, which can feel ‘broken’ after experiencing trauma.




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