Comprehensive Psychological Assessment

At LightHeart, we provide assessments to children and adults for a variety of conditions, including ADHD, learning disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders.

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is a type of psychological evaluation involving a series of tasks and tests that are administered for diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations. The results provide specific information about an individual’s strengths and weaknesses across a wide range of domains. Findings are compiled into a comprehensive report that can be used as an advocacy tool across multiple settings.

What do Assessments evaluate?

Psychological assessments involve the evaluation of cognitive, academic, adaptive, and emotional-behavioral functioning. We also assess executive functioning, which includes attention, memory, and visual or auditory processing.

What can an Assessment Help?

Assessments can lay the groundwork for making effective changes in clients’ personal, academic, and vocational lives. Results highlight a person’s existing strengths along with any areas of concern; our assessments always include a thorough recommendation section providing the next steps across multiple settings. Our team works closely with families, schools, therapists, and psychiatrists to provide uniquely tailored treatment that views the whole person in context.

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What does the Assessment process look like?

Clients participate in an initial intake, which involves a clinical interview and the collection of background information. This informs the referral reason and helps us compile a unique and appropriate battery. We may also ask to speak to individuals who have pertinent information, such as therapists, doctors, teachers, or family members. Depending on a client’s age and reason for assessment, observer rating forms may be given to those who know the client best. Administration of tests typically take five to ten hours with the client participating in one or more sessions. Results are provided in a full report and clients receive an informative feedback session with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss recommendations.

We realize that undergoing an assessment can be intimidating for some children and even adults. At LightHeart, we work hard to make the process as warm, safe, and engaging as possible from start to finish. Complete a Request Appointment form to see what options might be helpful for you!