Medication Evaluation & Management

The Field of Medication Management

In general, medication management is designed to ensure that your medications are correctly prescribed by a professional who has trained and intricate knowledge of the workings, balance, and flow of medications for an array of mental health states and disorders. It is designed to be used in conjunction with psychotherapy so that clients can begin to function and live at their best!


Evaluation & Management

Our prescriber(s) are open to intake sessions with you, whether it’s for a second opinion or this is your first time exploring the possibilities of what medication could improve your well-being. As a new client, your process begins with a 90-minute intake session where your background, experiences, and current state will be talked over in depth with a licensed prescriber. At the outcome of the initial evaluation, the prescriber generally has a recommendation on next steps. While medication may not be prescribed immediately, the follow up appointments are vital to the management of what prescriptions, when/if any, are prescribed. 


Why do we use it?

The potential benefits of medication stabilization combined with psychotherapy improve long-term outcomes of some mental health disorders. 

  • improved mood
  • decreased anxiety
  • mood stabilization
  • increased focus and attention
  • improved quality and quantity of sleep hours
  • overall improved quality of life 

How does it work at LightHeart?

Here at LightHeart, our prescriber(s) foster a safe and accepting environment where they get to know their clients and help support their mental health needs. In order to continue medication management services at LightHeart, the client must be in recurring psychotherapy, whether within or outside of LightHeart. If you’re interested in an initial intake session with one of our prescribers, scroll up and click on the Getting Started tab and select Request Appointment