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We want our LightHeart Associates clients to be happy in life and in their experience with us. From making an initial appointment to making ongoing progress, we want our clients to expect to be connected to and supported by real people that care.

Contact your clinic

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, things change. Do you need to reschedule your appointment, request a prescription refill, or have a general question for your provider? We’re here to help! Click the button below to be taken to our Locations page, where you can find your local clinic’s contact information.

Reschedule an appointment

If you need to reschedule your appointment, visit our Locations page to find the contact information for your clinic. Your local clinic staff will be happy to assist you in finding a new appointment time that suits your schedule. Click below to view contact information for your local clinic.

Access a telehealth appointment

Your well-being knows no boundaries, and neither does our support. Access your telehealth appointments easily from the comfort of your own space. Navigate to our telehealth page to answer all your questions about accessing telehealth appointments.

Pay a bill

You can conveniently settle your accounts online. Visit our payment page to review your options.

Access the client portal

Our client portal is designed with your convenience in mind. Access your appointment info, billing, and important documents all in one secure location. Click below to access your portal.

Current Client Administrative Needs

Looking for a simple way to update your information with LightHeart? Take a look through our secure submission options below.

Submitting Updates to LightHeart

Received an updated insurance card or recently changed insurance plans?

Have documents you’d like uploaded to your client profile/shared with your/your child’s provider(s)?

Looking to update the credit card/HSA/FSA on file?

Request for Coordination of Care or Records

Be sure to complete the form with the information of the party you want information released to.

Coordination of Care with a LightHeart or Outside Provider

1. Email clientcare@lightheartassociates.com to request coordination in writing

2. Complete this Authorization for Release of Information Form

Medical Record Request

1. Email clientcare@lightheartassociates.com to request the medical records in writing

2. Complete this Authorization for Release of Information Form


Your voice matters. If you want to share your thoughts or experience, we welcome your feedback. It is our mission to continually improve, so we take all feedback very seriously. Email us at Feedback@Lightheartassociates.com with any questions, comments or concerns and we will address your correspondence as soon as possible.