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a person marking on a paper calendar that offers information to current mental health clientsAt LightHeart Associates, we are committed to providing mental health services to our community. We want to help everyone access the care they need. The below resources for LightHeart clients can help individuals get started on the right path in their journey toward improved mental health and well-being.

Need to contact us? Find your clinic’s phone number on our location page, or current clients who need to reach us by phone can reach us at 425.800.5688.

Need to pay a bill? Find contact info on our bill pay page.

Need information about your telehealth appointment? Find that information on our telehealth page.

Current Client Administrative Needs

Looking for a simple way to update your information with LightHeart? Take a look through our secure submission options below.

Submitting Updates to LightHeart

Received an updated insurance card or recently changed insurance plans?

Have documents you’d like uploaded to your client profile/shared with your/your child’s provider(s)?

Looking to update the credit card/HSA/FSA on file?

Request for Coordination of Care or Records

Be sure to complete the form with the information of the party you want information released to.

Coordination of Care with a LightHeart or Outside Provider

1. Email clientcare@lightheartassociates.com to request coordination in writing

2. Complete this Authorization for Release of Information Form

Medical Record Request

1. Email clientcare@lightheartassociates.com to request the medical records in writing

2. Complete this Authorization for Release of Information Form

Finding the right mental health services can be overwhelming, and it’s our goal for our website to simplify the process. We provide personalized recommendations of therapists and counselors who specialize in a variety of areas for those seeking a more comprehensive approach. The mental health resources for LightHeart clients are designed to make accessing our programs and services as easy as possible. We are available to answer questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact LightHeart Associates today at 425.800.5688 with any questions.