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Tommi Rainey, MHA

Size Medium Wp Image 2153 AlignrightMHA, LightHeart Market Vice President

Tommi Rainey is the Market Vice President of LightHeart Associates in Washington State. With over 23 years of diverse healthcare operations administration experience, Tommi is a passionate healthcare leader focused on transforming healthcare, especially in mental and behavioral health, as well as preventive healthcare spaces. She is consistently dedicated to supporting her team and improving the mental health of the communities that her team serves.
Tommi’s leadership prowess is proven through her extensive experience in the healthcare field. Her journey in healthcare began with a pre-medical science degree from Portland State University, leading to an Executive Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Washington. Her broad-based experience spans across alternative medicine, academia, multi-specialty organizations, remote care delivery, start-up companies, and health plans. What sets Tommi apart is her consistent focus on incorporating mental and behavioral health care services into each role. This dedication stems from her deep-seated passion for transforming healthcare and making it more accessible and efficient for all. Tommi has a history of building strategic relationships with partnering organizations, always aiming to add meaningful value through her innovative approach. Her authentic approach to leading innovation and improving care delivery is a strong force in both empowering internal teams to thrive and strengthening external partnerships to better serve the community.
Tommi is a native of Washington in the Puget Sound area. She has a deep love for the natural beauty of her home state with its mountains, lakes, trails, and ocean. Despite multiple moves, she always finds her way back home. She is a mother to her daughter, Adalyn, whom she describes as the “coolest person on the planet”. Outside of her professional life, Tommi is a live music fan and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, walking, cross-country skiing, and is planning to take up lake kayaking. She finds a meditative peace in nature which helps to move her forward and shed light on opportunities. With a clear vision to continue her passion for healthcare transformation, Tommi is a leader who brings a wealth of experience, innovation and authenticity to the LightHeart Associates team.