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I am a provider at our Federal Way clinic who provides psychiatry services in-person and via telehealth. I specialize in managing mood, psychosis, anxiety, substance use or other related disorders through use of therapeutic interventions like CBT, DBT and motivational interviewing. I may prescribe or adjust medications that target mood or any presenting symptoms that include but may not be limited to low mood, suicidal ideation, poor sleep, poor appetite, low energy, poor concentration or substance or alcohol cravings. I may recommend genetic testing to identify more accurately medications that may work best for each client in situations where side effects or response is problematic.

My ideal client is struggling with a mood disorder be it unipolar or bipolar disorder or a psychotic disorder, anxiety or attention deficit disorder diagnosis. In addition, they may have a substance or alcohol use disorder. They may be dealing with persistent suicidal thoughts or self-injurious behavior, sleep disturbance, low energy and concentration and/or poor appetite. Besides their need to remain safe from self-harm, they would need support with medication adjustment to stabilize and improve mood, reduce distress induced by psychosis or substance use and be able to function, eat and sleep well.

For those struggling with low mood, safety concerns, complicated grieving or trauma issues, I work to provide a safe space where clients can seek help in a judgment free zone and receive a personalized plan of care that may include therapy, medications or both with the goal of identifying an accurate diagnosis and
treatment in accordance with their needs. I strive to do so in a caring environment that accommodates all and ensures the client remains the central focus of all
interventions. Everything I do is driven by a personal belief that mental health is a human right and all clients deserve to be heard and to receive the help they
need using the latest, best evidence.