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Lisa Jackson, MA, LMHCA

Size Medium Wp Image 1810 AlignrightLicensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

“The obstacles in our path are not blocking us-they are redirecting us. Their purpose is not to interfere with our happiness; it is to point us toward new routes to our happiness, new possibilities, new doorways.” -Barbara De Angelis

Lisa is a provider at our Federal Way clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth.

Working with Lisa in a therapeutic alliance will be collaborative. Lisa’s practice is a person-centered focused with an interest in feminist, narrative, existential, DBT and ACT therapies. She makes space for those who have symptoms of neurodivergence or those who experience sensory sensitivities. Therapy is a brave act between two individuals communicating and emoting together which allows a space for vulnerability. Lisa’s desire is to make space for you and her to explore the traumatic and the beautiful moments in life, while finding grace and comfort.

Lisa identifies as a queer, neurodivergent, able-bodied person. Lisa enjoys most everything requiring body movement and challenging her physical body outdoors. She values the connection with nature. Knowing she is a part of nature and spending intentional time in nature reminds her of the importance of being in life’s flow.

Lisa is a recent graduate from Bastyr University with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She studied Anthropology and First Nations studies at the University of Washington Seattle while also achieving her pre-req’s in the sciences. Lisa has spent the last ten years coaching groups and individuals to improve their relationship with their bodies through movement, strength, nutrition, and most importantly mental health.


  • Life transitions
  • Couples
  • Depression
  • Anxiety