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Audrey Comber, LICSW

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I am a provider at our Redmond Medical Center clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. My background stems from working in interpersonal violence and sexual assault. I offer support, empathy, and understanding in working with individuals who have experienced trauma. I also specialize in working with patients diagnosed with disorders with psychotic features. I work with these patients by acknowledging their intrusive thoughts and hallucinations, working with them, reality testing in a compassionate way, rather than dismissal of the patient’s current reality.

I am a trauma-informed clinician who offers empathy, compassion, understanding, and validation towards all patients who struggle with mental health issues. If you have experienced trauma, I will work with you to heal the pain caused by these events and teach you how to effectively, and with agency, live a peaceful life not affected by traumatic thoughts and emotions.