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Tyson is passionate about working with individuals, groups, and couples who find themselves in a place where they have suffered enough and desire true change.  He has extensive experience treating anxiety and depression, trauma, impulse-control disorders, individuals in life transitions, with relationship or sexual issues, and sport performance issues.

He believes that this change can only begin when people are ready to surrender and that learning how to let go and trust is something that many struggle with and do not know how to do on their own.  Tyson believes that most people are trained to resist the experience of their emotions from a very young age; they instead acquire survival skills that keep them safe from the threat of negative emotions and subsequently, from true intimacy in relationships as well.  Tyson combines attachment-based therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and trauma-healing therapies such as EMDR and others to help clients remove and undo all that masks who they really are.

While you will learn certain skills and tools for living more effectively, Tyson ultimately believes that therapy should be a process of subtraction; not addition.  It is a process that reveals the bright light within every person that is so often obstructed by pain and egoic defenses.  He believes in the healing power of relationships that enable us to feel seen, soothed, loved and safe and that the extent wo which a person has not experienced this, or may have experienced just the opposite, can sometimes reveal the need to grieve loss.  On the other side of this grief is joy, peace and ultimately, freedom.

Tyson uses meditation and mindfulness continually throughout his therapy practice and his own life so that he can work and live from a place that promotes self-care/love.  He believes that the ability to be present with our emotions allows us to both identify our needs and wants and then take action to get them met.  With this in mind, Tyson is a firm believer in mindful, healthy boundary setting.

Tyson has had many meaningful clinical experiences in his life.  He has worked over four years as in a residential program with teenagers with schizophrenia, severe autism spectrum disorder, and behavioral disorders.  He has worked to provide mental health in the maximum-security prison environment, has been a social worker to under-served individuals in rural Alaska, and has spent the last five years conducting psychotherapy in the outpatient private practice setting.  Tyson earned his BA in counseling psychology in 2003, his MA in Counseling Psychology in 2013 and will earn his Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology in May of 2018. Tyson is currently a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC) and plans on becoming a licensed Psychologist by 2019.  He is a level two trained EMDR therapist who has a passion for creating space for real healing from trauma.  Toward this end, while he is very thankful for all that his clinical training has given him, much of his learning has been informed by his own continual healing process.

Tyson has published research in the field of adolescent psychology while working as a researcher at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the focus of his dissertation was in the field of sport psychology, where he examined the relationship between mindfulness, anxiety, and sport absence due to injury.  Tyson sees himself as a facilitator of the healing that your courage and your intention naturally brings.  He looks forward to working with you!