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Wendy Efird, MA, LMHCA

Size Medium Wp Image 1555 AlignrightPsychology Doctoral Intern

[ assessment team + limited therapy openings ]

Wendy received her master’s degree in psychology from Antioch University Seattle, where she is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  Wendy’s clinical practice to date has emphasized treating adult individuals, addressing issues related to anxiety, depression, substance use, emotional regulation, belonging, and transitional life events.  Apart from her clinical experience, Wendy has also worked with clients in non-directive play, and equine therapy techniques.  She has extensive experience working with members of the LGBTQA+ community.    

Wendy’s approach focuses primarily on acceptance-commitment therapy and some cognitive behavioral therapy. Wendy advocates for her clients to develop a goal-driven life that comports with their individual values. Wendy’s approach is collaborative and sensitive. She helps clients identify measurable goals while using research-based interventions. She strives to create a space where clients feel heard, understood, and supported in each session. It is her goal to provide a strong therapeutic relationship that enables change, growth, and healing. 

Wendy works with clients to build a shared understanding of the obstacles that clients face, whether that means improving interpersonal relationships, exploring identity/sexuality/spirituality, strengthening self-esteem, overcoming traumatic experiences or working to remove barriers that get in the way of a client’s goals. Wendy endeavors for her clients to understand themselves in various situations, and to increase their psychological flexibility to deal with all of lifes experiences, in order to lead a more meaningful, valued life.    


Wendy is able to bill in network for all major commercial insurances.