Nicole Musser, Ph.D., Psychology Fellow

Nicole Musser, Ph.D., Psychology Fellow


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Dr. Nicole Musser, PhD, is a postdoctoral psychology fellow. Nicole graduated with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Oregon, where she focused her research on the role of invalidating childhood environments in the development of borderline personality disorder, and the relationship between parent and child mental health. Nicole has extensive training in dialectical behavior therapy and working with clients who struggle to cope effectively with intense or distressing emotions. Her clinical experience includes work with diverse adult, adolescent, and child clients with a variety of presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, adjustment, trauma, and interpersonal and relationship difficulties.

After a pre-doctoral internship working in primary care behavioral health, Nicole began integrating therapeutic techniques to address the mind-body connection and promote holistic healing. Nicole incorporates mindfulness-based approaches, Ayurvedic self-care and functional medicine principles for clients who are interested in addressing the underlying physical components of emotional distress as part of the path to achieving their wellness goals.

Nicole approaches therapy as a collaborative relationship in which she and the client work together to form a strong therapeutic alliance and make progress toward the client’s goals. She believes in the importance of a validating environment to establish trust and empower clients to use their own strengths to make meaningful life changes. She flexibly utilizes dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and attachment-based therapy to suit client needs and preferences. Nicole is particularly interested in helping clients navigate the challenges associated with borderline personality disorder, high-functioning autism, eating disorders and body image concerns.