Massage Therapy

How can Massage help me?

Massage will relax and restore your body and mind as well as relieve pain and muscle stiffness. Massage also helps release stress and tension that has built up in the body. It has been shown that massage helps lower blood pressure, increase lymph fluid production, which is one way the body releases waste, and helps with anxiety. It also aides with sleep, proper heart function and a healthy functioning nervous system. Whether you want to relax or work on specific tension patterns or health issues you will find massage to be a useful addition to your self-care practice. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and help your body function on a higher level by receiving massage.

What kind of Massage is available?

There are number of types of massage available at LightHeart Associates. There is Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Craniosacral. Our massage therapist is also a certified yoga instructor so she has experience with proper stretching techniques. If you are looking for a relaxing full body massage Swedish massage is a good choice. Deep tissue focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and helps release tension held in the muscles. Trigger Point technique is designed to target the “knots” in the muscles, this work greatly increases the function of the muscles and relieves pain. Craniosacral works with the myofascial tissue in the body which surrounds the muscle tissue and can have adhesions which restrict muscle function. This form of bodywork is very relaxing and restoring. Most sessions include a combination of these different types of massage, all of which will help reduce stress, increase relaxation and restore health.

Massage Therapy LightHeart Psychological Associates

There are a number of types of massage available at LightHeart Associates




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