Gottman Approach

The approach to relationship therapy developed by John and Julie Gottman is prominent in this field.  The Gottman approach is based on decades of observing couples and scientifically seeing what works for couples who have formed long-sustained satisfying relationships.  Their research demonstrates that to form a lasting relationship, couples need to become better friends, learn how to best manage conflict, and identify ways of best furthering each other’s hopes for the future.


Gottman-informed approaches address the nine ingredients that compose the construction of a Sound Relationship House, including sharing fondness and admiration, turning towards each other, and creating shared meaning.  This furthers and helps generate greater understanding between partners with increased affection, respect, and closeness while helping keep discussions calm and constructive in order to break through and resolve stuck conflict.  Gottman approaches include plenty of exploring and homework assignments, as well.

Gottman Approach LightHeart Psychological Associates

Generating understanding, affection and respect.