What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is any practice that purposefully works with or affects the energy of a person, place or object. Energy medicine is designed to heal, relax and restore. Everyone has the ability to feel energy and affect it through emotions and intentions. Our “gut feelings” are a way energy speaks to us through our body, it is something we know intuitively without thinking about it cognitively. Those intuitive feelings are our intuition or connection to energy.

Energy Medicine around the world

There is a long, rich history all over the world pertaining to energy medicine. China has Qi Gong, Tia Chi and Acupuncture. India has the Chakra system and yoga. Japan has Reiki. Western cultures have hands on healing. No matter where you go you will find a tradition of energy medicine and a manner in which to heal the mind, body and spirit.

What are the benefits of Energy Medicine?

There are many benefits of Energy Medicine. With Reiki, you might experience deep relaxation, a feeling of being more center or grounded and lighter. Craniosacral has a profound relaxing effect as well, it may also make you feel as if you have released a lot of old baggage that you had been carrying in your body. Chakra readings tend to give the client more information about what is happening in their energetic field. For example, the reading may uncover an old pattern about scarcity of money or old family patterns. The information that comes from the Chakra reading is generally ready to be cleared out of the energetic system which can be done in the healing at the end of the reading.

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There is a long, rich history all over the world pertaining to energy medicine.

A chance to start fresh

This is a chance to release old patterns and start fresh with your current beliefs and energy. These practices are designed to help you be more centered, more relaxed and release old energy that you no longer need which may be holding you back. If you are interested in exploring your emotional and spiritual health on a deeper level Energy Medicine can assist in this self-exploration, discovery and growth.