David Sax

Master’s Intern Counselor

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My name is David and master’s level student in my second year at Bastyr University working towards becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor under the supervision of Gordon Zhang, LMFT. 

Working with a diverse population of patients for over 20 years as a licensed physical therapist has afforded me the opportunity to experience the physical and emotional challenges that people face each day as they deal with recovery from one type of injury/illness or another.

Treating folks extensively in an occupational setting, it became clear that in addition to impacting one’s ability to perform their job, a person’s injury may also influence all of their relationships – work and personal, fulfillment of family roles and responsibilities, opportunities to engage in social and recreational activities, and involvement within their community. In addition, a person may experience added stress and anxiety, depression, mood swings, poor sleep, along with fears, financial stress as well as questioning one’s self-worth. All of which may have a significant impact on the overall recovery process.

This direct involvement with patients has illustrated that all pain is real and is influenced by both mind and body and a person’s experience and perception of pain is on a continuum that may vary over time. This often explains why traditional approaches to pain management fall short, as the main emphasis in Western culture is on the body (tissue damage, injury and disease), with little acknowledgment and understanding of the mind and its role, as well as its integration along with the various social and cultural factors, into one’s care.

Bringing this clinical knowledge and experience I collaborate with you to investigate your challenges – whether this is chronic pain, grief, anxiety or depression, difficulties at work or home, or how to function in today’s changing World. Together, we examine your thoughts feelings and behaviors, so you can process and metabolize them, and create, with intention, a life full of meaning and purpose guided by your values. On a basic level, the process of counseling is to facilitate movement – actions, towards who and what is important in your life.

As a developing counselor some areas of special interest include men’s wellness, chronic pain, performance psychology, as well as the inclusion of nature and an individual’s creativity as part of the therapeutic process.


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