Cyn Clarfield, PsyD

Cyn Clarfield, PsyD


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Dr. Cynthia (Cyn) Clarfield, PsyD, is a post-doctoral psychology fellow with over ten years of experience working in therapeutic settings. At LightHeart, she provides psychological evaluations to individuals ages 6-21 for a variety of conditions, including ADHD, learning disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. She believes psychological assessments can lay the groundwork for making effective changes that will bring the greatest improvements to patients’ personal, academic, and vocational lives.

Cyn works hard to make the evaluation process as warm, safe, and engaging as possible from start to finish. She uses test results to highlight a patient’s existing strengths along with any areas of concern, and her assessments always include a thorough recommendation section. Cyn is also trained in the administration of personality assessment using both objective and projective instruments. When appropriate, Cyn works closely with families, schools, therapists, and psychiatrists to provide uniquely tailored treatment that views the whole person in context.

Cyn also provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and disruptive behaviors, as well as stressors related to family disharmony, ADHD, identity development, and difficult life transitions. She enjoys using a range of interventions from play therapy to interpersonal therapy, and has a special interest in working with girls and young women with ADHD, siblings of substance abusers, and LGBTQ individuals.