April Jones, MA, LMFTA

April Jones, MA, LMFT


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April is a marriage and family therapist associate with a diverse background working with everyone from single individuals to families or groups, from children to seniors, in both clinical and emergency facilities. April earned her masters in marriage and family therapy in 2014 and has experience in trauma work, relational counseling, depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, abuse, relationships, communication skills, self-esteem, body issues, identity crisis, life transitions, mindfulness based stress reduction, and grief and loss just to name a few. Specializing in how the individual parts of systems affect the whole means she is all about versatility.

Using a blend of psychological models including but not limited to Emotionally Focused Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Narrative Therapy she believes in building a therapeutic relationship that is tailored to the individual. Equifinality is the concept that many paths can produce the same result and that, inversely, a single source can yield many different outcomes. Simply put, there are many paths to emotional growth and a therapist must be a fellow sojourner on the path most suited to the client.

April believes that the client is the expert on their story and her role is to help translate that narrative through the culmination of systemic and therapeutic knowledge. This collaboration encourages continuous and evolving dialogue between client and therapist, enabling the co-creation of both problem identification and interventions.