Adrian Dreher, PsyD

Adrian Dreher, PsyD


[ on maternity leave until Spring 2020 ]

Dr. Adrian Dreher, PsyD, is a post-doctoral psychology fellow with an extensive background in scientific research. Adrian has a passion for assisting individuals in understanding their own experience more concretely through neuropsychological assessment and the information it can provide. She is strongly grounded in empirically-based practices and possesses a keen interest in neuropsychological testing and helping individuals of all ages. Often, through accurate assessment and diagnosis, individuals are able to better understand particular challenges they may be facing, revive hope, and find encouragement that these experiences may actually be strengths and opportunities for growth.

Adrian is also a certified Montessori teacher, with an emphasis in early childhood education. Her years in the classroom are evident in the natural and compassionate way she interacts with children and adolescents as well as with parents and other adults. She strives to provide a safe and empathetic environment in which all individuals feel respected and honored as an expert of their own experience. By allowing a non-judgmental environment, Adrian is able to conceptualize, evaluate, and work together with individuals to build a genuine therapeutic framework from which a person can grow and thrive. She strives to remain particularly cognizant of respecting another’s perspective in order to develop a genuine relationship. Adrian allows the client to direct the therapeutic process as she believes that therapeutic success is possible through the establishment of a genuine relationship based on respect of the client’s experiences.

The respect for diversity of individual experience informs everything Adrian does both in testing and in therapy.  She strives to always honor the individual experience of others, respecting differing perspectives while endeavoring to find commonalities in order to build a “bridge” of understanding. In order to connect to the individual, a “bridge” must be built between individuals regardless of diagnosis, philosophical beliefs, age, gender, or any myriad of differences. Additionally, while culture has an impact on everyone, Adrian believes we are all, in a sense, a culture of one, as everyone’s experience in this life is unique and beautiful, making us who we are.  We are, each of us, unique, yet we share commonalities from the trivial to the existential, and all deserve to be recognized and respected for the individuality we contribute to the world. Providing a safe space, free of judgment is the first step in allowing an individual to share their experience and begin to grow. Adrian feels it is imperative to observe, respect, recognize, and learn about differences while striving to connect with each other. Through her interactions with individuals across the lifespan, from very diverse backgrounds, Adrian works to build bridges, look beyond assumptions, and truly connect on a human level.